Calendreco™ is a perpetual wall calendar that combines innovation, visually powerful design, simplicity, and eco-friendly material and fabrication.

The calendar is composed of one oversized board with the month’s numbers (1–31) and three additional headers with different weekday combinations. Depending on the month, the corresponding header is placed in front of the board to indicate the date. With one simple adjustment every month, the calendar can be used year after year.

Calendreco™ is printed on a premium brilliant white, double-thick, alkaline pH* cover paper, buffered for longevity**. It is made with responsibly sourced pulps, 100% renewable electrical energy, and clean water. Manufactured carbon neutral and chlorine free, this paper is one of the most chemical-free papers available today. The inks are non-toxic and vegetable-based. Finally, the calendar is 100% recyclable.

Effortless to use, remarkably designed, modern in appear- ance, environmentally friendly – it’s a combination that makes this perpetual calendar distinctive and timeless wall décor.
Size: 35" L x 25" H (88.9 cm x 63.5 cm)

* Alkaline pH paper has a neutral pH referred as acid free.
** The paper is buffered with calcium carbonate for stabiliz- ing the alkaline level. That gives the paper “archival” charac- teristics, which protect it from discoloration and deterioration over time.