"My design passion along with the desire to make a little difference to help preserve our environment – that is how the idea of this perpetual calendar came to me.
You can use the calendar year after year and if one day you decide to put something else on your wall, you can always give it to somebody else or recycle it.
I hope you enjoy the remarkable design as well. The con-
nection between simple, smart, and beautiful has always been a philosophy that accompanies my art.
Ultimately, I will be thankful if this product gives you inspiration to create change in your everyday life so it is better for all of us." – Dessi Ivanova

Dessi Ivanova is the owner of MODDEA LLC, a Phoenix-based company. Having been a graphic designer for over 11 years, she has extensive experience on branding, advertising campaigns, and media events.

She has studied both graphic and advertising design in Sofia and holds a master's degree from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Geodesy in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Dessi's philosophy is “as smart and simple as possible." Non-traditional approach and minimalistic style are at the core of her modern and sophisticated works.